Tahar Haddad

A compilation of texts introduced by Laroussi Amri in the CETIM Collection “Pensées d’hier pour aujourd’hui”. Born on 4 December 1899 and deceased on 7 December 1935, Tahar Haddad was a leading Tunisian thinker, trade unionist and political figure. As a long-time trade union activist, he founded the Economic Cooperation Association with Mohamed Ali El […]

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La Chine est-elle capitaliste?

By Rémy Herrera and Zhiming Long Is China a capitalist country? This question is the title of a new release by French and Chinese economists. Is this title deliberately provocative? It is, but at the same time it overlaps with an increasingly common opinion: even though China was “communist”, it might now be “capitalist”. Furthermore, […]

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Why a convention on the right to development?

During its 20th session, held in Geneva from April 29 to May 3, the Intergovernmental Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council discussed the content and scope of the future legally-binding international instrument on the right to development. Historical review As a reminder, the right to development derives from the Declaration on the Right […]

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Did you say free trade ?

Reading notes Did you say free trade ? The Economic ” Partnership “ Agreement European Union – West Africa By Jacques Berthelot Preface by Mamadou Cissokho and Ken Ukaoha This book provides a detailed analyis of European Union (EU) trade policy with West Africa (around fifteen countries). Published in June 2018, it contains up to date information […]

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Key points for a true Right to Development

It may seem incongruous to discuss development or the right to development at a time when the idea of zero or negative growth is gaining ground in the West because of the frenetic exploitation of natural resources. However notions such as “development“, “development aid“ or “economic growth“ must not be confused with the right to […]

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Impunity Made in Europe

CETIM and its partners have been part of an important research for the future of the process in view of the drafting of a binding Treaty on multinationals. This document is based on a specific perspective, from the Old Continent. “The EU and the corporate impunity nexus. Building the UN binding treaty on transnational corporations […]

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A disappointing draft treaty on transnational corporations

The first draft treaty on TNCs was presented to the Working Group responsible for elaborating a Binding treaty to regulate the activities of multinationals in Geneva in October 2018. As usual, CETIM has made an active contribution to the activities of the Group, arranging for dozens of civil society representatives to participate in the debates. […]

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