Statements at the UN

Enjoying consultative status with the United Nations since 1981, the CETIM is able to present interventions to the United Nations human rights protection bodies (Human Rights Council and its subsidiary bodies, and treaty bodies) to submit cases of human rights violations and present proposals in terms of new international norms. These interventions can take the form of oral statements or written statements (case studies).

All the statements made by CETIM to the UN since 1993 are available in electronic format. Some are available in three languages (English, Spanish and French, ). Others are available in English only.

CETIM declarations on the rights of peasants

CETIM Declarations on the impunity of transnational corporations

Declarations on the right to development

Declarations on economic, social and cultural rights

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Comments by CETIM on the obligations of TNCs
Working Group on the Right to Development
Debate on the report of the Special Rapporteur on the right to development
Human rights council
Review of the report of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development
Human rights council
Impact of unilateral coercive measures
Human rights council
UN Special Rapporteur concerned about the new orientation of the Swiss cooperation policy
Human rights council
Oral declaration: implementation of the right to development
Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development
Written statement : the rights of the Mapuche people in Chile
Human Rights Council
Written statement: for the respect of the rights of the Cuban People and for the lifting of the US embargo
Human rights council
8 Proposals for the New Legally Binding International Instrument on Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and Human Rights
Intergovernmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations

This submission contains eight proposals related to the nature, the scope, the form and the content of the future legally binding international instrument. It is submitted on behalf of the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity, an international network comprising over 200 social movements, networks, organizations, and representatives of victims and affected communities from all around the world.

Binding Norms for Transnational Corporations
Workshop on transnational corporations and human rights