CETIM statements on the impunity of transnational corporations

In the following pages, you will find CETIM’s English declarations at the UN on the theme of impunity of transnational corporations


Comments by CETIM on the obligations of TNCs

WORKING GROUP ON THE RIGHT TO DEVELOPMENT 22nd Session CETIM made several comments in relation to the debate on the human rights obligations of transnational corporations. Confusion is being maintained on this subject in certain circles, whether or not deliberately, despite the fact that it is an extremely important question for the achievement of the […]

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Corporate legal accountability: due diligence vs true accountability

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL 47th session CETIM and its partners have expressed their concern about the tendency to reduce the legal responsibility of companies to the extremely narrow component of due diligence by the Working Group of Experts on TNCs and Human Rights. Read the statement Read the article “UN Human Rights Council: Voluntary standards for […]

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