Anticolonial struggles in the Global South: A peasant perspective

On Thursday March 14, 2024, a conference “Anticolonial struggles in the Global South: A Peasant Perspective” organized by CETIM, La Via Campesina (LVC), Uniterre, Le Silure, FIAN International/FIAN Switzerland and the Movement for Peasant and Citizen Agriculture (MAPC), was held in Geneva. This conference was organised on the occasion of the visit of an LVC […]

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Conference: The role of small-scale farming in combating the climate crisis

The current climate crisis is part and parcel of an economic system based on the exploitation of natural resources and on intensive, industrial, input-intensive farming methods. It is a system that sacrifices environmental balance and ecosystems on the altar of profit at any price for the dominant minorities, namely the transnational economic and financial elites. […]

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