Our Statutes


The CETIM was created in 1970 as part of the John Knox Home Association and became independent in 1975.

Art. 1 Constitution

1. An association of the Europe – Third World Centre (hereinafter referred to as “CETIM”) is hereby established, governed by these Statutes and by Articles 60 et seq. of the CCS.

2. Its duration is unlimited.

3. Its headquarters are in Geneva.

4. It is non-profit-making.

Art. 2 Goals

1. To identify national and international mechanisms that promote or hinder economic, social, cultural and political development.

2 To promote, by all appropriate means, the knowledge of development problems and the awareness necessary for engagement in society.

3. To promote the existence of a centre for studies, research and animation on relations between the Third World and Europe, known as CETIM.

Art. 3 Members

1. Individual members of the CETIM are those admitted by the Committee.

2. The Committee may exclude at any time a member of CETIM whose activity is in contradiction with the aims of CETIM or who does not pay his contributions despite several reminders. Any member has the right to appeal against its exclusion to the General Assembly.

3. Any resignation may be given at any time by simple letter or by e-mail to CETIM. Contributions already paid shall remain vested in CETIM.

4. The members of CETIM are not personally responsible for the commitments of the latter.

Art. 4 Resources

The financial resources of CETIM are constituted by:

1. the annual contributions of the members,

2. the receipts from the various activities which are organised in accordance with the aims of CETIM,

3. the contributions of organisations or public authorities, national or foreign, as well as donations or legacies from natural or legal persons. These contributions do not entail any particular obligations on the part of the CETIM.

Art. 5 Signatures

1. For current transactions, the Director (co-Directors), one other member of the permanent team and two members of the Committee, each of whom has previously been appointed by the Committee, shall have the individual signature.

2 For acts binding on the future of the CETIM, in particular those of a financial nature following decisions taken by the General Assembly under Articles 6.5 and 11, the members of the Committee shall have the collective signature at two.

Art. 6 General Assembly

1. The Committee shall convene the CETIM General Assembly 20 days in advance, at least once a year, or at the request of one-fifth of the members.

2 Decisions shall be taken by a majority of the members present, subject to the cases listed in paragraph 5 below.

3. Decisions may be taken outside the agenda if the Assembly accepts the introduction, except in the cases provided for in paragraph 5.

4. A quorum of 2/3 must be reached for the decisions provided for in paragraph 5 below to be taken. If, at a first meeting, a quorum is not reached, the Committee must, within one month, convene a new meeting. Decisions will then be taken by a qualified majority, as stipulated in paragraph 5, of the members present.

5. A 2/3 majority is required to:

a. amend the statutes,

b. merge CETIM with another association,

c. dissolve CETIM,

d. allocate assets.

Art. 7 Powers of the General Assembly

The General Assembly:

1. elect the Committee,

2. elect its President and possibly a Vice-President for two years. If necessary, it may elect an Honorary President who assumes no legal responsibility. All are eligible for re-election,

3. elect auditors or appoint an external accredited body for this purpose,

4. approve the accounts and the annual report of the Committee and discharge them,

5. examine any recourse in the event of exclusion, in accordance with art. 3.2.

Art. 8 Committee

1. The Committee shall be composed, in addition to the President and Vice-President, of at least 4 members, chosen from among the members of the CETIM, elected for one year and immediately eligible for re-election.

2. The permanent members of the CETIM may only sit on the Committee in an advisory capacity.

3. The members of the Committee act on a voluntary basis. For activities that go beyond the usual scope of the function, Committee members may receive appropriate compensation.

4. The Committee shall be convened by the President, or by the Director (co-Directors), or at the express request of two of its members.

5. Decisions are taken by a majority of the members present. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote.

Art. 9 Competences of the Committee

The Committee:

1. convenes the General Assembly,

2. proposes amendments to the Statutes,

3. proposes the dissolution of the CETIM,

4. manage the affairs and resources of the CETIM in accordance with the directives of the General Assembly and under the powers vested in it

5. appoints the Director (co-Directors) and ratifies the commitment of the permanent members of the CETIM work team,

6. shall admit new members and may exclude a member in accordance with Article 3. 2.

7. sets the amount of contributions,

8. consider any proposal made by a member,

9. may, in the event of the resignation of one of its members, appoint a replacement until the next General Assembly,

10. may be joined by one or more new members in an advisory capacity.

Art. 10 Permanent members of the CETIM team

1. The permanent members of the CETIM team lead the research, work and programs decided by the Committee.

2. They shall participate automatically in the meetings of the Committee in accordance with Article 8.2.

3. The Director (co-Directors) presents the activity report to each General Assembly.

Art. 11 Dissolution
In the event of dissolution, the CETIM’s assets will be transferred in their entirety to an institution pursuing a purpose in the public interest similar to those of the CETIM and benefiting from tax exemption. Under no circumstances may the property be attributed to members or used for their benefit in any way whatsoever.

Statutes adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 17 June 1975, revised and approved by the General Assembly on 5 April 2016.


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