CETIM’s actions, with its partners in the field, in favour of the Haitian people

New foreign military intervention in Haiti

On 25 June 2024, a new foreign military intervention of Haiti began. However, in October 2023, CETIM, La Via Campesina and the Haitian peasant organisations Tet Kole Ty Peyizan Ayitien, Mouvman Peyizan Papay and Mouvman Peyizan Nasyonal Kongre Papay (via CETIM and La Via Campesina), expressed their concern at the imperialist threat of foreign military […]

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Situation in Haiti

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL 55th session (26 February – 5 April 2024) CETIM is concerned by the human rights situation in Haiti, marked by the proclamation of a state of emergency, systematic violations of the rights of peasant communities and the violence of armed gangs – instrumentalized by the powers that be to block social protest. […]

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The Suffocation of Haiti: Neocolonialism, Violence and Foreign Interference

Since its independence, Haiti’s way forward has been obstructed by repeated interventions by foreign powers as well as by recurrent crises. Flagrant human rights violations have plunged the country into unprecedented poverty, and the peasants, the pillars of the island’s economy, have been cast into oblivion and misery. During the Human Rights Council’s 55th session, […]

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Stop imperialist intervention! The struggle of the Haitian people at the UN

The anti-colonial struggle in Haiti rightly fits into the current geopolitical context, which is characterised by a profound multidimensional crisis of the dominant system. This crisis is leading to an upheaval in the global geopolitical and geo-economic balance of power and, consequently, to an upsurge in imperialist strategies. Indeed, the dominant imperialist forces are continuing […]

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Human rights situation in Haiti

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL 55th session The country is faced with a social structure based on the power of criminal “gangs”. Since the 1980s, these armed groups have been instrumentalised by the political powers. Read the CETIM’s written statement

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