Did you say free trade ?

Reading notes Did you say free trade ? The Economic ” Partnership “ Agreement European Union – West Africa By Jacques Berthelot Preface by Mamadou Cissokho and Ken Ukaoha This book provides a detailed analyis of European Union (EU) trade policy with West Africa (around fifteen countries). Published in June 2018, it contains up to date information […]

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Olympic games: social disasters for local populations

The official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games takes place on 5th August 2016. For many years, CETIM denounces economic and social disasters caused by big sports events. From past experiences in South Africa, Brazil, China, Argentina and England, CETIM denounces economic and social consequences for local populations resulting from major sports events.

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The new critical report on “the responsibility to protect” is out

Can one justify a military intervention on humanitarian grounds? Theorists have repeatedly tried to offer a moral and legal legitimacy for interventions and meddling in the affairs of other states, all in the name of the protection of populations and human rights. From the nineteenth century's "humanitarian intervention" to the 1990's "right to interfere", all […]

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The new booklet on Cultural rights is out

Cultural rights are a field still relatively unknown for which few research and information are available. Yet, cultural rights are cross-cutting issues and touch on fundamental questions for our societies. Through cultural rights, it is not only the issue of cultural diversity and participation to cultural life that is addressed, but also access to scientific […]

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