Human Rights

CCFD’s call for the adoption of a binding treaty on (TNCs)

To civil society organisations and social movements based in the European Union Here we relay the CCFD’s call (in 3 languages) for the adoption of a binding treaty on transnational corporations (TNCs) within the UN, aimed at the Member States of the European Union. At a time when the Member States of the European Union […]

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Violations of workers’ human rights by Glencore around the world

The statement presented by the CETIM in June 2018 to the Human Rights Council highlighted violations committed by Glencore corporation, its subsidiaries and subcontractors in several countries. Glencore PLC is one of the largest mining and commodities trading companies in the world, headquartered in Switzerland with its shares publicly traded on stock exchanges. According to […]

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The EU does not want to force multinationals to respect human rights

The European Union persists in sabotaging the work of the inter-governmental group responsible for drafting a legally binding instrument on transnational corporations. Le Courrier published an article on this subject in its edition of 27 December 2017. Here it is in its entirety. NGOs denounce an EU proposal to end the United Nations project of […]

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