Violations of collective human rights and environmental rights by the Chevron, Total and Shell oil companies in Argentine Patagonia

Introduction Since the discovery in late 2010 of one of the largest shale oil and gas deposits in the world, in the Vaca Muerta formation in Patagonia, in Argentina, serious inroads have been made into sensitive areas of the region. Operations carried out by transnational companies with links to State-controlled oil companies have triggered a […]

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Debt and austerity measures imposed on Greece violate the human rights of the Greek people and international law

Since May 2010, Greece has been subjected to painful structural adjustment measures by its creditors. The economic and social effects are tragic. A Greek Debt Truth Commission has been created in April 2015 by the Greek Parliament. The preliminary report’s conclusions are clear: the debt and the austerity measures imposed on Greece violate human rights and international law, the debt claimed from Greece in 2015 is totally unsustainable, and much of it is illegal, illegitimate and odious and should be repudiated.

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UN calls Colombia to account for attacks on SINALTRAINAL

Following action by CETIM, Human Rights Council special procedures have written to the Colombian Government to ask it to account for the numerous attacks on the SINALTRAINAL union, which is paying a high price for its struggle for workers’ rights: 25 of its members have been killed since 1986.

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Chevron’s activities impair freedom of expression of victims, academics, students and activists

In 26 years of oil drilling in the Amazon region of Ecuador, Chevron (formerly Texaco) polluted more than 450,000 hectares of one of the planet’s richest biodiversity regions, destroying the living and subsistence of its inhabitants. After 21 years of litigation, and despite a ruling by the Ecuadorian courts, impunity continues for Chevron, and the victims of its activities in Ecuador are still waiting for justice and compensation. For its part, Chevron denied liability and has devoted enormous efforts and resources to get the judgement set aside, persecute the victims and silence their defenders.

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