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Since its creation, CETIM has adopted the concept of “maldevelopment” as a defining factor in its view of the world. The association’s new electronic magazine seeks to be a publication of reflection and review for development on a global scale.

The current crisis has fuelled discussions on the future of human society, particularly in countries where there is room for debate on development. These discussions are at times unbridled and radical and go hand in hand with a more general discourse, anti-consumerist and egalitarian in nature, and thinly veiled racist diatribes with neo-colonial and Malthusian overtones. In addition, an increase in the search for utopia has demonstrated little concern for reality and the practical transformation required.

For CETIM, this situation has led to the acceleration of a project that has long been discussed within its own committee: creating a digital magazine to encourage reflection to rethink development. At a time where neoliberal expansion is being called into question by some of its own proponents, the debate surrounding “post-crisis” perspectives in order to achieve a “re-building” of the economic and social system for a supposed fairer, more sustainable, and more resilient future has been unilaterally initiated by the elites who defend global capital. The people must question these maneuvers and take ownership of these crucial debates for the future of our societies and planet.

CETIM has always been bold, which allows it to shrug off certain clichés and meaningless conceptions. Our digital magazine will be incisive and recurrent. It will address a wide audience and will give a voice to social movements, activists, young people, independent scientists, women, and academics.

The first issue, available in digital format before the end of 2021, will consist of articles highlighting the contradiction between protecting peasant farming worldwide – hence the requirement for food sovereignty in every country – and the neoliberal drive to boost the global trade of food and agricultural produce ahead of the United Nations Food Systems Summit that will take place in September 2021.

Call for subscribers!

The first edition of the digital CETIM magazine will be available before the end of 2021. Therefore, we are publishing a call for subscribers!

You will receive three magazine editions for 20 CHF a year. In addition, you will be supporting our magazine, which aims to rethink development. Each edition will cover a different topic and will include original articles conveying varying points of view from different continents, each presented in an appealing and easy-to-use digital format.

To subscribe to the CETIM digital magazine, please send your payment to:

CCP 1 2-1 9850-1 POSTFINANCE.


Please specify « digital magazine subscription » when making your payment.

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