UN Summit on Food Systems: Statement of the social movements



The UN Summit on Food Systems will be held this Thursday 23 September 2021 in New York. CETIM has repeatedly expressed its deep concerns about this Summit, which has been characterised by its opacity and by the capture of transnational agribusiness companies.

Many rural social movements and other civil society organisations oppose this Summit and advocate for food systems that respect biodiversity, the environment, food sovereignty and the rights of peasants, indigenous peoples and other rural populations, while denouncing the monopoly of transnational agribusiness companies on the food chains. 

Within the framework of this popular mobilisation, CETIM has co-signed a statement that you can read here.

In July 2021, during the ECOSOC High Level Political Forum, CETIM submitted a written statement to express its concerns about the way this Summit was being organised, while denouncing the stranglehold of transnationals on it.

On the same subject, you should also read La Via Campesina’s report on the UN Summit on Food Systems.

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