International, Regional, Subregional and Bilateral Free Trade Agreements


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There is a dense network of economic and financial agreements and treaties – inter­national, regional, sub-regional and bilateral – that have superseded the basic in­struments of international and regional human rights, including the right to a safe environment. Constitutions and national laws intended to promote harmonious na­tional development and political, economic, social, cultural and environmental hu­man rights have been subordinated to them.

This network, as a consequence of the implementation of “most favourable treatment”, “national treatment” and “most favoured nation” clauses that ap­pear in almost every treaty, works as an interconnecting system that allows neo-liberal policies to operate freely on a planetary scale and penetrate coun­tries where they result in the dismantling of national economies, provoking grave social harm.

All this involves the primacy of the interests of capital over the democratic and hu­man rights of peoples. Liberalization and privatization policies are coalescing into a legally binding system. And these policies are being made irreversible through in­ternational agreements.

Thus one is witnessing the creation of a sort of feudal-style corporative law, ad­vanced by a strong coercive system underpinning its implementation: fines, eco­nomic, diplomatic and military pressure and sanctions.


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