Human rights of Basque political prisoners


The dispersal policy implemented by these two States is a measure designed to keep Basque prisoners as far away as possible from their families and loved ones. In Spain, the average distance between a Basque prisoner and his family is 632 km. In France, the distance is 808 km. This cruel and unjustified policy means that families have to make interminable journeys to spend an hour with their imprisoned parents or children.

At present, 15 of the Basque political prisoners are suffering from serious and incurable illnesses. The Spanish and French governments refuse to release them, condemning them to die behind bars. This was the case for two prisoners last April: Xavier Lopez Peña, who died in the French prison of Fleury Merogis, and Angel Figueroa, who died in semi-liberty in the Southern Basque Country (Spain). The refusal to release seriously ill prisoners undermines their human dignity and violates their right to life.

Read CETIM’s oral declaration in French

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