Brazil: Environmental crimes and corporate impunity

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL (45th session) In a previous statement during this session of the Human Rights Council, the Special Rapporteur on toxic waste, Mr. Tuncak, made clear recommendations, based on the manifest deficiency of national regulation on transnational corporates in Brazil, calling for independent investigations into abuses of power by these entities.

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The systematic violation of the right to water in Chile

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL (45th session) CETIM and the Movement in Defense of Water, Land and Environmental Protection (MODATIMA), an active movement in defense of the right to water in Chile, collaborated in the framework of the 45th session of the UN Human Rights Council to denounce the violations of the right to water in the […]

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Poverty: a violation of human rights

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL 44th session CETIM is deeply concerned about the causes of poverty: a multidimensional problem that cuts across all human rights issues. It is indeed essential to tackle poverty well beyond the simple lack of monetary resources. Poverty encompasses the lack of access to health care, decent housing, sufficient and quality food, water, […]

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