Chile, the role of multinationals in the fundamental right to water


The framework of the new series of events “Hors Champ” offers films dealing with societal and current affairs topics that are rarely covered by the media and conventional distribution channels.

To inaugurate these evenings, Pôle Sud and journalist Elena Rusca are working together on the theme of access to water in the Valparaiso region of central Chile.

In Chile, most resources, including water, are private and managed by companies, both national and international. In some areas this means that entire villages do not have water to eat, wash and live in. One of these regions is the province of Petorca.

At the United Nations, a treaty against impunity for transnational corporations is being built to deal with the colossuses that currently dominate the global economy to the detriment of civilian populations.

On the evening’s agenda: screening of a documentary, presentations by Melik Özden (CETIM) and the initiative committee for responsible multinationals.

The evening is in French. No translation.

Chilean music to close the evening.

Sociocultural Centre South Pole

Avenue Jean-Jacques Mercier 3

1003 Lausanne

Free admission – hat on exit.

Thursday, September 12 from 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm. Bar open from 8pm

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