Access to justice for victims of TNCs

CETIM defends victims of human rights violations in the Global South. It supports their representatives in gaining access to and obtaining the intervention of the United Nations protection mechanisms, where required.

Several mechanisms can be activated at the United Nations to get concrete improvements on the ground, in particular the Human Rights Council, the United Nations Special Rapporteurs and the committees that monitor the implementation of the human rights treaties.

CETIM mainly works with peasant organizations, trade unions and organizations representing victims or communities affected by transnational corporations operations.

Violations of collective human rights and environmental rights by the Chevron, Total and Shell oil companies in Argentine Patagonia

Introduction Since the discovery in late 2010 of one of the largest shale oil and gas deposits in the world, in the Vaca Muerta formation in Patagonia, in Argentina, serious inroads have been made into sensitive areas of the region. Operations carried out by transnational companies with links to State-controlled oil companies have triggered a […]

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UN calls Colombia to account for attacks on SINALTRAINAL

Following action by CETIM, Human Rights Council special procedures have written to the Colombian Government to ask it to account for the numerous attacks on the SINALTRAINAL union, which is paying a high price for its struggle for workers’ rights: 25 of its members have been killed since 1986.

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