A victory widely reported in the media


The adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants by the Human Rights Council in Geneva (1st stage in the process) was widely commented in the french speaking media. Here are some examples of reports on the subject.

Le Media devoted considerable time to the Adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Peasant. In a special programme that you can view on our ” Médias ” page, Théophile Kouamouo provides a clear and interactive analysis of the European Union’s position on peasants.

Radio Lac and Radio Cité interviewed Melik Ozden on the subject of the Declaration of the Rights of Peasants.

Le Courrier, Gauchehebdo, l’Evènement Syndical and many other papers also covered this magnificent victory of La Via Campesina, CETIM and their partners.

The recordings and articles can be accessed in French on our website



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