Statement: Death of Samir Amin


Samir Amin died in Paris, Sunday August 12th, 2018, in the middle of the afternoon.

At almost 87 years old, Samir Amin remained one of the most lucid and fruitful analysts of the today’s world. Always in action, his work has nourished the thinking of thousands and thousands of persons and organizations.

His work will always remain alive through their action.

An unboundedly generous activist, Samir Amin offered CETIM several of his writings for publication, including the latest PubliCetim “La souveraineté au service des peuples, l’agriculture paysanne la voie de l’avenir!”. He also participated in many of its workshops and others. We always will be grateful to him for ever, for all his contributions to the struggle for another world, better as he used to add.


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