Multinational corporations: CETIM at the European Parliament


CETIM is at the European Parliament on May the 30th 2016 for the public hearing entitled “How to hold TNC responsible for human rights violations”. Melik Özden and Raffaele Morgantini talk about CETIM’s work at UN in Geneva.

They explain why only binding norms at the international level can end multinational corporations’ impunity.


Oral interventions of 1st panel. Discussion moderated by Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)

00:00 – 12:55 Miguel Urbán, European parlament deputy (GUE/NGL, Podemos) opens the conference

15:00 – 25:00 Erika Gonzalez, OMAL

25:40 – 35:56 Charles Santiago, MP Malaysia

36:36 – 43:17 Temba Chauke, La Vìa Campesina, South Africa

44:10 – 53:24 Tchenna Maso, Brazil

Oral interventions of 2nd panel. Discussion moderated by Brid Brennan from Transnational Institue (TNI)

1:35:05 – 1:44:45 Helmut Scholz, European parlament deputy (GUE/NGL)

1:46:18 – 2:08:00 Ambassador Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Ecuador

2:09:50 – 2:19:55 Melik  Özden, CETIM

2:20:20 – 2:32:57 Gonzalo Berròn, TNI Brazil

2:33:45 – 2:38:05  Raffaele Morgantini, CETIM

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