Monetary issues and the right to development


CETIM continues its efforts to advocate and promote the right to development, an essential right in the struggle for social justice and the sovereignty of peoples, as well as in the perspective of building an equitable and democratic international order based on mutual solidarity. These efforts continue both within the UN and than in the field.

Recently, CETIM has been working on the analysis of monetary issues from the perspective of the right to development.

The Role of Monetary Sovereignty in the Realization of the Right to Development

Within the framework of the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council, CETIM submitted a written statement and an oral statement dealing with the link between monetary sovereignty and the right to development.

Indeed, the control by States, on behalf of their peoples, of the currency and financial mechanisms has a crucial impact on national development policies and programmes. As well as on the right of people to self-determination.  And consequently for the enjoyment of all human rights.

Read the written statement in English

Read the oral statement

On the same subject, an article entitled “For a currency at the service of the people” by Rémy Herrera, economist at the CNRS and collaborator of CETIM, has been published on the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation website.

Order Rémy Herrera’s book (in French) “Du pouvoir de la finance à la souveraineté des peuples”.

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