Maldevelopment: claims and proposals


A first draft for a roadmap by and for social movements for breaking with maldevelopment

Gathered during the first worldwide confinements linked to Covid-19, many of the claims contained in this document focus on health and development issues.

The list of claims does not claim to be exhaustive. It is therefore necessary to add to it and complete it step by step, to ensure that these claims are monitored and updated, and to take into account the actions and constantly evolving claims of other social movements. These claims and proposals are mainly focused on health and maldevelopment. It will be useful at a later stage to address other issues aimed at changing the system from a grassroots perspective, based on social justice and the regeneration of ecosystems.

At this stage, these claims do not constitute a programme of action for the radical transformation of maldevelopment. They do not yet represent a complete political project in the face of a politically and militarily hyper-organised oligarchy.

They are disparate, but still reflect a quest, disordered on a global scale, to find a way out of the multidimensional health, climate and social crisis that is underway. This booklet has no pretension other than to summarise and bring together the objectives formulated by social movements during the health crisis. It is only a first attempt, a sketch of a roadmap to ensure that the way out of the crisis is in favour of the oppressed and excluded populations rather than to their detriment.

Implementing these claims and measures will not radically alter the relationships of domination and structural inequalities on a global scale. On the other hand, they do have the potential, we hope, to point the way for autonomous social movements and help them to change the balance of power against the neoliberal oligarchy.

The list of claims and proposals is taken from the book “Une pandémie révélatrice d’un maldéveloppement généralisé“, Murad Akincilar, published by CETIM, Geneva, 2023.



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