CETIM’s actions, with its partners in the field, in favour of of the French people

Human and environmental rights: violations by Total in Uganda

PRESS RELEASE Geneva, March 24, 2022 – For more than three years, the activities of the French multinational firm Total in Uganda have prevented hundreds of thousands of people from cultivating their land, denying the rights of the communities to work, food, dignity, and life. The origin of the problem lies in the implantation of […]

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End the system of private patents!

For a pharmaceutical industry under popular control and a free, universal and public vaccination system. On the initiative of the CADTM International, two hundred social organisations, trade unions, NGOs and other movements active in the five continents, including the CETIM, have signed an international appeal.

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Lack of Access to Adequate Housing in France

In France, a country with 3.3 million persons inadequately housed or homeless, and 6 million in a situation of real precariousness, it is urgent to create the conditions necessary for the implementation of the right to housing!1 From Words to Reality! Given the texts that have been ratified, the official positions, and the vote on […]

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