Environmental justice

Oil exploitation, logging, drilling, toxic waste. The irresponsibility of multinationals is devastating the planet and its inhabitants.

For more than 50 years, CETIM has denounced the destruction of our environment. It supports the struggles of indigenous peoples and peasants to (re)assert their sovereignty over

    • their living environments
    • their natural resources
    • their way of life and to face
    • and to confront the stranglehold of transnational corporations with the agreement of the States.


Toxic wastes

Other documents and links

Human rights violations committed by transnational corporations in Colombia

Over the past four decades, Colombia has faced a dire social, political and armed conflict.1 In this context, it has to be noted that the numerous transnational corporations operating inside Colombia are somehow involved in the conflict, collaborating with public and private security forces, including paramilitary groups, who despite their alleged demobilization, continue to kill […]

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Use of Depleted Uranium Weaponry

The above-listed non-governmental organizations are deeply concerned by the degradation of the economic, social and sanitary conditions in Iraq as a result of the embargo, and by the effects the contamination caused by the use of depleted uranium weaponry has on the population and the environment in Iraq. For these reasons, they organized a conference […]

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