Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Attempted Assassination of Akin Birdal in Turkey

[During its sitting on 21 May 2012, the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs took note of the fact that the two-year suspension of the CETIM’s consultative status would end in July 2012. During the same sitting, Turkey (which had requested this sanction against the CETIM) declared that it would not oppose the restitution of its status […]

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Embargoes: Destroying Men and Debasing the Law

1. “Men kill to conquer, but no man is so savage as to conquer in order to kill”, said Rousseau. Will Rousseau, who described himself as a citizen of Geneva, find an audience here in that same city, where the United Nations has been pleased to turn its ear to human rights? While we must […]

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The Asian Dragons and Trade Union Rights

1. For nearly two decades now, neoliberal policies have dominated the international scene. Twenty years of “sacrifices” have been presented as “promises of a better tomorrow”; overall, 20 years of results have been the opposite, taking the world population as a whole, as numerous UNDP reports basically show. This picture is not, however, seen as […]

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