Access to justice for victims of TNCs

CETIM defends victims of human rights violations in the Global South. It supports their representatives in gaining access to and obtaining the intervention of the United Nations protection mechanisms, where required.

Several mechanisms can be activated at the United Nations to get concrete improvements on the ground, in particular the Human Rights Council, the United Nations Special Rapporteurs and the committees that monitor the implementation of the human rights treaties.

CETIM mainly works with peasant organizations, trade unions and organizations representing victims or communities affected by transnational corporations operations.

Chevron’s activities impair freedom of expression of victims, academics, students and activists

In 26 years of oil drilling in the Amazon region of Ecuador, Chevron (formerly Texaco) polluted more than 450,000 hectares of one of the planet’s richest biodiversity regions, destroying the living and subsistence of its inhabitants. After 21 years of litigation, and despite a ruling by the Ecuadorian courts, impunity continues for Chevron, and the victims of its activities in Ecuador are still waiting for justice and compensation. For its part, Chevron denied liability and has devoted enormous efforts and resources to get the judgement set aside, persecute the victims and silence their defenders.

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Mining and Human Rights Violations in Colombia: The Case of Anglo Gold Ashanti vs the Afri-descendant Community of La Toma (Cauca)

Anglo Gold Ashanti is trying to start mining activities in the ancestral territories of Afro-descendant communities in La Toma (Cauca) in Colombia. These communities oppose the project that threatens the environment and their livelihoods. They are victims of multiple human rights violations. The Constitutional Court has ruled in their favor, but the Colombian government is not implementing the ruling, quite the contrary.

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