The CETIM needs you !


Just this once we are appealing to you for your support. For over 45 years, the CETIM has been denouncing the generalized misdevelopment to which the world has been subjected that has resulted in the impoverishment of the majority to the benefit of the enrichment of a minority. And we have been working tirelessly in support of the respect of human rights, of more equitable North-South relations and social justice.

With more than 150 publications to its credit, the CETIM is a publishing house dealing with North-South relations and a full range of development subjects, all from a critical, serious and original point of view generally absent from the mainstream media. These books aim to supply the general public with the tools needed to understand the world and the options for transforming it.

Owing to it consultative status with the ECOSOC, the CETIM is able to support social movements from the Global South in gaining access to the United Nations human rights protection mechanisms and in participating in the drafting of new international norms in this area. It also carries out regular work with its partners and the general public in purveying reliable and timely information and training in human rights.

However, as recently reported in the Swiss media, the CETIM is in danger owing to the announcement of the end of support from Swiss Cooperation for its United Nations activities with social movements. A last minute solution seems to be in the cards for 2016, but the end of this support is planned for 2017, and this situation is only one more in addition to the CETIM’s recurrent problems in assuring the continuity of its work.

We need YOU in order to consolidate our financial support base! By making a donation and becoming a member or by signing up your friends, you can contribute to the continuity and reinforcement of our work in favor of human rights, more equitable North-South relations and social justice. You can find further information on our newly updated website. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone, or drop by our offices.

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