New book! “Economic, Social and Cultural Rights A legal tool in the fight for social justice”


At a time when the world’s multidimensional crisis is plunging billions of persons into poverty, when almost half of humanity is unable to satisfy their essential needs, even as inequalities continue to grow steadily, the fulfillment of economic, social and cultural rights is more than ever urgent.

Although they are recognized at both the national and international level, economic, social and cultural rights remain little known among those for whom they are most important, and at the same time are largely neglected by the political authorities whose responsibility is to promote, protect and fulfill them. In a context of neoliberal globalization in the service of private capital, the fulfillment of these rights is imperative if people are to live in dignity.

This book aims to provide an overview of economic, social and cultural rights. It analyzes the obstacles to their fulfillment, emphasizes states’ obligations and presents the human rights mechanisms that victims of violations of these rights (or their representatives) can avail themselves of. It is enriched by examples of cases crowned with success, often emanating from the grass roots struggles of peoples, offering thus a better understanding of these rights that continue to be characterized, wrongly, by certain parties as non-justiciable or complex.

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