Round table: Health, a right or a privilege?


Health is a global issue. Against a backdrop of multidimensional crisis, spiralling inequality and the wholesale privatisation of public services, medical deserts are on the increase, even in countries with high-performance health systems. Care is often inaccessible to the majority of humanity. Some so-called “rich” countries recruit medical staff trained in less wealthy countries, thus contributing to these medical deserts. Added to this is the multiple discrimination in access to primary healthcare for women, the elderly, migrants and other people on low incomes and/or with disabilities.

These days, good health has become a privilege, even though it is the declared objective of all governments and of the WHO, the UN agency responsible for public health.

What are the underlying causes of this situation?

Is the commercialisation of health an inevitable phenomenon?

What can be done to reverse this trend, at local, national and international level?

This conference aims to provide the keys to understanding and answering these questions.

When: 29 February, 6.30-8.30 pm

Where: Uni-Mail, room MS160

Moderator: Centrale sanitaire suisse

Panelists: Murad Akincilar, author of the book “Une pandémie révélatrice d’un maldéveloppement généralisé”, published by CETIM

Nicoletta Dentico, Global Geneva Health Hub et Society for International Development

Jean Blanchard, Mouvement populaire des familles

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