CETIM statements on the impunity of transnational corporations

In the following pages, you will find CETIM’s English declarations at the UN on the theme of impunity of transnational corporations


Transnational Corporations (TNC) and Violations of Human Rights

Following the acceptance of resolution 1998/8 of the Sub-Commission, the Europe-Third World Center (CETIM) would like to provide its first contribution to the Working Group by transmitting some reflections which would be worth to be considered within the framework of its activities. They accentuate in particular the economic, social , cultural and environmental consequences of […]

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The Hurricane Mitch: beyond Natural Catastrophe

Between October 25th and November 2nd, Central America has suffered a natural disaster caused by hurricane « Mitch », which produced an real economic and social disaster for certain countries of the region : Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala. Added to the thousands of deaths and wounded, there are hundreds of thousands of victims who […]

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MAI, Right to development and economic, social and cultural Rights

I. In 1998, the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, duly concerned about the effect of the methods of work and the activities of transnational corporations on the enjoyment of human rights, decided to create a Working Group with the following six points mandate. “1) to identify and examine the effects of […]

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United Nations, free Trade and Transnational Corporations

1. In his report to the General Assembly on “Entrepreneurship and privatization for economic growth and sustainable development” (A/52/428), the Secretary­General has taken an unequivocal position in favour of a single economic model, defying all historical and empirical evidence. 2. In our view, the Secretary­General has exceeded the mandate given to him by the General […]

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