CETIM statements on the impunity of transnational corporations

In the following pages, you will find CETIM’s English declarations at the UN on the theme of impunity of transnational corporations


The Responsibility of Transnational Corporations in the Violation of Human Rights

During the last twenty years, transnational corporations (TNCs) have acquired unprecedented economic, financial and political power. Markets and capital globalization, which has been mostly profitable to these companies, has allowed for further concentration of their capital and production means, creating oligopolistical situations. Their activities cover all sectors . They can choose where and how to […]

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WTO and the Agrarian Reform in the Philippines

The mainstream economic paradigm espouses liberalization of international trade as a means to development. In the field of agriculture, the Agreement on Agriculture that has been implemented under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is the single most significant step that has ever been taken in this direction. Five years after this agreement […]

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