Call to Action 17.04: International Day of Peasant Struggles


CETIM supports La Via Campesina’s call to action

On April 17, we mark the International Day of Peasant Struggles, our annual action day that brings us together to commemorate the Eldorado do Carajás* massacre in 1996 and to honor the resistance of peasants worldwide who persist in their struggle for social justice and dignity.

Following our 8th international conference last December, we, peasants, youth, women, men, and diversities, migrants, rural and landless workers, fisherfolk, and indigenous peoples, stand with renewed hope and strength, heightened awareness, unwavering commitment, organized unity, and determination to confront the multifaceted crises. We continue an unwavering fight against genocides, wars, violations of people’s sovereignty, evictions of peasant families, the criminalization and persecution of peasants and their leaders, as well as extractivism and violations of peasants’ rights. United, we safeguard our mother earth against the grip of agribusiness multinationals, neocolonialists, fascists, and repressive military forces.”

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