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Olympic games: social disasters for local populations

The official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games takes place on 5th August 2016. For many years, CETIM denounces economic and social disasters caused by big sports events. From past experiences in South Africa, Brazil, China, Argentina and England, CETIM denounces economic and social consequences for local populations resulting from major sports events.

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Difficulties of Senegalese peasants

CETIM is for many years firmly committed to a better protection of the rights of peasants. Ndiakhate Fall, Senegalaise peasant, is in Geneva at the  Human Rights Council. He speaks about the situation of Senegalaise peasants. Because of climate change and land grabbing they face insecurity.

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Peasants rights: origins of La Vìa Campesina

The general coordinator of La Vìa Campesina was in Geneva. Elizabeth Mpofu explains in a short video how the international peasant movement was born. This movement comprises more than 164 organizations in 74 countries, and represents over 200 millions peasants. 

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