Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Extreme poverty

Unofficial translation from the French We are witnessing this Commission on Human Rights a shift in semantics that may prove to become very harmful. For example, there is more and more talk of “extreme poverty” and less and less about “poverty”, or of “debt of the most indebted countries”, or of countries having “suffered a […]

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Use of Depleted Uranium Weaponry

The above-listed non-governmental organizations are deeply concerned by the degradation of the economic, social and sanitary conditions in Iraq as a result of the embargo, and by the effects the contamination caused by the use of depleted uranium weaponry has on the population and the environment in Iraq. For these reasons, they organized a conference […]

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Attempted Assassination of Akin Birdal in Turkey

[During its sitting on 21 May 2012, the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs took note of the fact that the two-year suspension of the CETIM’s consultative status would end in July 2012. During the same sitting, Turkey (which had requested this sanction against the CETIM) declared that it would not oppose the restitution of its status […]

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The Asian Dragons and Trade Union Rights

1. For nearly two decades now, neoliberal policies have dominated the international scene. Twenty years of “sacrifices” have been presented as “promises of a better tomorrow”; overall, 20 years of results have been the opposite, taking the world population as a whole, as numerous UNDP reports basically show. This picture is not, however, seen as […]

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