The CETIM human rights publications were launched in 2005 with the objective of contributing to the information and training of all those engaged in the struggle for the respect and advancement of these rights, and in particular reinforcing the capacities of our partner organizations in the Global South. Those publications mainly deal with economic, social and cultural rights (ESCRs), the rights of peasants and transnational corporations (TNCs). All these publications are available in three languages (French, English and Spanish) and freely accessible from our website. They can also be ordered from the CETIM, subject to availability.

There are three types of human rights publications:

  • the human rights series, in paper format, presents the economic, social and cultural rights recognized at the international level
  • the critical reports, in electronic format only, review some of the main issues and debates on human rights at the international level
  • the CD-ROM contain all the human rights publications as well as statements made at the UN and other relevant documents