Environmental justice

Oil exploitation, logging, drilling, toxic waste. The irresponsibility of multinationals is devastating the planet and its inhabitants.

For more than 50 years, CETIM has denounced the destruction of our environment. It supports the struggles of indigenous peoples and peasants to (re)assert their sovereignty over

    • their living environments
    • their natural resources
    • their way of life and to face
    • and to confront the stranglehold of transnational corporations with the agreement of the States.


Toxic wastes

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The right to development, respecting and protecting the environment

1. From its earliest origins, western culture, has conceived the relationship between man and nature as conflictual and oscillating between two poles1. On the one hand, nature is seen as a powerful, spontaneous and creative force, the origin of life and all matter, determining birth and death, and imposing its laws on human destiny. On […]

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Transboundary Transfers of Toxic Wastes and Their Effect on Human Rights

Access the Critical Report in PDF Presentation Following the 1986-1987 scandals triggered by the dumping of toxic waste in Afric­an countries and the dramatic effects of this dumping on both the environment and the health of the local populations, the African governments, under the aegis of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), unilaterally condemned it, […]

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Violation of the Right to Food and the Right to Health of populations affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe in Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Belarus

Summary of the problem Since the Chernobyl catastrophe, between 5-8 million people1 in Belarus, the Ukraine and the Russian Federation continue to live in areas that remain heavily contaminated. Up to 90% of the radiation dose received by the affected populations is internal due to incorporation of artificial radionuclides from contaminated food. The radiation dose […]

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