Access to justice

The CETIM defends victims of human rights violations in the Global South. It supports their representatives in gaining access to and obtaining the intervention of the United Nations protection mechanisms, where required.

Several mechanisms can be activated at the United Nations to get concrete improvements on the ground, in particular the Human Rights Council, the United Nations Special Rapporteurs and the committees that monitor the implementation of the human rights treaties.

The CETIM mainly works with peasant organizations, trade unions and organizations representing victims or communities affected by TNCs operations, in Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Madagascar, Nigeria and the Philippines, among other places.

Mining and Human Rights Violations in Colombia: The Case of Anglo Gold Ashanti vs the Afri-descendant Community of La Toma (Cauca)

Anglo Gold Ashanti is trying to start mining activities in the ancestral territories of Afro-descendant communities in La Toma (Cauca) in Colombia. These communities oppose the project that threatens the environment and their livelihoods. They are victims of multiple human rights violations. The Constitutional Court has ruled in their favor, but the Colombian government is not implementing the ruling, quite the contrary.

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Violations of workers’ and trade union rights at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

In July 2012, dozens of workers of the Manesar plant of the car company Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) – located in the State of Haryana in northern India – were dismissed and detained without charge because they were exercising their right to association and affiliation to a trade union of their choice. Indeed, workers’ rights and trade union rights, including the right to freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and the right to equal pay for equal work, are not respected by the management of MSIL. Following a riot, the police arrested over a hundred workers, who are to this day still in custody. Under the pretext of the violence and a fire caused by the riots, the management suppressed the trade union and dismissed over two thousand workers. It is vital, that the human rights situation and the behavior of the police in this affair be investigated by an independent inquiry.

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Violations of human rights in Madagascar

Since independence in 1960, political life in Madagascar has been disrupted by several attempted coups. On 17 March 2009, the then mayor of the capital, Andry Rajoelina (1974), took power by force, plunging the country into an endless political crisis. Although the African Union tried to find a consensual and inclusive political agreement to end […]

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Is poverty a violation of human rights?

The question may seem absurd given that poverty limits the capacity of individuals to exercise their freedom, to enjoy their most fundamental rights, to live in dignity, and to take their place fully in society. How, for example, can one enjoy the right to free expression or the right to vote when one can neither […]

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